eBook and Paperback Formatting

eBook only
Paperback only
$20 per 10k words
eBook and Paperback$30 per 10k words
eBook only with images*
Paperback only with images*
$25 per 10k words
eBook and paperback with images*$40 per 10k words
Revisions after completion$25 for up to 5
Custom Graphics for titles, subtitles, headers, etc.$10 per graphic

*Images do not include simple scene break dividers. Examples of images that increase cost include maps, character portraits, and any image larger than 1×1 inch.

What I provide: 

  • Simple, elegant design elements selected by the author.
  • Review of text for errors – I will read the whole book looking for typos, grammar issues.
  • A beautiful, readable, fool proof formatting in ePub, Mobi, and PDF good for KDP, IngramSpark, SmashWords and any other platform that accepts the formats.
  • One free revision on each half of the book before completion.
  • Basic troubleshooting during your upload process, although this is rarely necessary.

What you provide:

  • A WELL EDITED manuscript ready for publishing. Word doc only. All chapters in one document. Include acknowledgements, dedication, copyright statement, about the author and any other sections needed outside of the narrative in the same document. Basically, I will only take one document.
  • 30 minutes to an hour of your time on Zoom to select design elements.
  • A copy of the eBook cover.
  • Quick approval or revision request for each half of the book.
  • Full payment on any project under $100.
  • 50% deposit on any project over $100, the rest to be paid on completion.

What I don’t provide:

  • Uploading your book to the retailer.
  • Professional Editing, although I can provide recommendations.

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